Work fields for Dietitians

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Korea's dietitians can be classified according to their work fields including companies, hospitals, schools, public health center, and welfare center. As the specialized feeding service providers are recently increasing, they can also be classified according to the operation type of the feeding facilities.

About 30,000 dietitians are working in each their fields as of January 2010. Under the Article 35 of Food Sanitation Act, about 87% of dietitians are working for the group feeding facilities which provides meal service at least once for more than 50 persons. Others are working for educational institutions, research centers, public institutions, public health centers, and other feeding service providers.

Classification Detailed Work Fields
Feeding Facilities Industry Companies, Public Institutions, Banks, Hotels, Department Stores, Institutes, Training Centers, etc
School Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, University(Dormitory, Cafeteria), Special Educational Institutions
Hospital Medical Center, Hospital, Dental Clinic, Oriental Medicine Clinic, Geriatrics Hospital, Clinic,
Welfare Center Homeless Facilities, Facility for Tuberculosis and Han Sen Facility , Welfare Center, Welfare Facilities for the Aged, Welfare Facilities for Children, Welfare Facilities for the Disabled, Welfare Facilities for Mother-Children Family , Mental Health Facilities
Nursery House Nursing Houses and Day Care Centers
Special Facilities Vocational Training Institutions, Training Camp, Prisons, Sport Village , Army, Ships etc
Non-feeding facilities Public Health Center Public Health Centers, Public Medical Centers
Health Consulting Functional Food Sellers, Functional Food Manufacturers, Functional Food Importers, Drugstores etc.
Feeding Industry Feeding Service Providers, Lunch Box Suppliers, Restaurant Business
Others Educational and Research Institutions, Public Organization (Government offices and municipal government office), Food Manufacturers, Mass Media , Nutrition Consulting Institutions(Nutrition Info. Center, Health Promotion Center, Diet Management Companies, etc)

Employment Status of Dietitian

Organizations for instit utional foodservice Industrial Manufactures Schools Hospitals Social Welfare Facilities Childcare & Nursery Facilities Correctional Facilities Army Subtotal
(No. of Persons)
8,620 9,612 6,416 1,799 1,610 71 84 28,412
Organizations for Non- institutional foodservice Health and nutritive food industries Educational Research Institutions Food manufacturing and processing industries Catering Industries Public Health Centers Governm Offices Center fot Chidrens Foodservice Management The Others Subtotal
(No. of Persons)
500 700 1,500 3,000 831 500 322 386 7,739

※No. of Dietitian's License Holders - 143,183
 No. of Dietitians Employed - 36,151
 Employment Ratio - 25.2 % (As of Jan, 2014)