KDA Overview

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Name : The Korean Dietetic Association

Date of Foundation : October 18, 1969

Date of Incorporation : May 13, 1978

(Permit No. 689 of the Ministry of Health and Welfare)

Form of Foundation : Corporation

President : Lee, Young Eun (Professor, Dept. of Food&Nutrition, Wonkwang University)

Number of Directors : 26

Homepage : www.dietitian.or.kr

KDA Symbol :


The symbol indicates the future-oriented aspects of KDA to secure the latest information and new thought and realize the right eating habits. By shaping KDA in the form of a cone, it expresses KDA's energy and dynamics toward the world and future. The dots in the middle of the symbol imply that KDA is the central point to deliver the key differentiated information and to realize the right eating habits.
A series of dots contain the image of dietitian, and the crossing lines stretching up and down and right and left symbolize KDA's enery and power to work hard for the people and its members in earnest.