Business Plan

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  • Ⅰ. To strengthen the capacity of KDA by activating each local dietetic associations.
  • Ⅱ. To improve the status of the dietetics profession by solving pending policy issues.
  • Ⅲ. To secure the professional competence of the dietitians
  • Ⅳ. To secure financial stability by diversifying the business.
  • Ⅴ. To improve the recogniton and image of the dietetics profession


  1. Organization Arrangement and vitalization
    1. 1) Organization arrangement
    2. 2) Organization vitalization
  2. Organization Management
    1. 1) To manage the local dietetic associations affiliates
      • To support the Division operation of the affiliates
  3. Arrangement of Rules and Regulations
    1. 1) To revise of the Articles of the Association
    2. 2) To rearrangethe overall rules and regulations
    3. 3) To review and approve the regulations of local dietetic associations and other affiliates
  4. Interchange with Other Organizations
    1. 1) Public health and medical organizations and associations
    2. 2) The Korea National Council of Women
    3. 3) Other public or civilian organizations
  5. KDA Conference and Meetings
    1. 1) Regular meeting of representatives (Feb.)
    2. 2) Special meeting of representatives (Nov.)
      • Officer Election (President, Directors, Auditors)
    3. 3) Representative Meeting
    4. 4) Meeting of Presidents of local dietetic associations Affiliates
    5. 5) Presidents' Meeting
    6. 6) Board of Directors' Meeting
    7. 7) Meeting of Special Committee
    8. 8) Meeting of Steering Committee
    9. 9) Meeting of Division Committee
    10. 10) Meeting of Ethics Committee
    11. 11) Advisory Group Meeting
  6. To Secure more Members
  7. Membership Management
  8. To strengthen the service for members
    1. 1) to promptly respond to the requests from members
    2. 2) to provide more information to members
    3. 3) to upgrade service through the homepage
    4. 4) to run the reading room for materials and data
    5. 5) to give a chance to utilize the facilities of KDA center


  1. To run the membership management program on the Internet
  2. To manage member DB
  3. To manage the intranet of the KDA headquarter


  1. Policy
    1. 1) Short-term Policy
      • To revise the application qualification for the national licensing exam for dietitians
      • To reform the raw regarding the education system for dietitians
      • To reform the requirement on hiring dietitians in kindergartens
      • To submit KDA suggestion in accordance with the advance notice related to dietitian-
        related enactments
    2. 2) Mid-term Policy
      • To revise the job duties for dietitians
      • To make dietitians stationed in military food service
    3. 3) Long-term Policy
      • To establish the fundamental law regarding nutrition for the nation
  2. Policy Implementation
    1. 1) To strengthen the cooperation with related organizations
    2. 2) To organize the advisory group
    3. 3) To hold policy symposium and gatherings for discussion
  3. Survey & Research
    1. 1) To survey the present status of applicants for the national exam for the dietitian's license
      and employment rates by each university.

Division Operation

  1. Business and Industry Division
    1. 1) Revitalization
      • Running three TFTs by policy; TFT to institutionalize the nutrition guidance,
      • TF Team to institutionalize the nutrition guidance
      • TF Team to increase the number of dietitians hired in business and industry to proper level
      • TF Team to develop the materials and documents
    2. 2) Policy
      • To revitalize the nutrition guidance activity for workers in the industry
      • TF Team to increase the number of dietitians hired in business and industry to proper level
        according to the company size
      • To improve the working conditions and welfare of dietitians To increase employment of dietitians
    3. 3) Events
      • To hold the 2nd Presentation for Exemplary Nutrition Guidance.
      • To hold the workshop for dietitians in companies around the nation.
    4. 4) Research
      • To develop the nutrition educational program to improve the health of employees and analyze performance result.
    5. 5) Material Development
  2. Healthcare Division
    1. 1) Revitalization
      • Running 4 TF Teams:
        • TF Team for Education & Public Relatio
        • TF Team for Clinical Nutrition
        • TF Team for Organization vitalization
        • TF Team for Regulations & Standards
    2. 2) Policy
      • To establish a clinical nutrition system
      • To make nutrition education consulting as an independent service
      • To revise the meal service management rules of hospitals
      • To improve the evaluation system on medical institutions
      • To improve the system of meal costing in medical insurance fee
    3. 3) Events
    4. 4) Research
  3. School Division
    1. 1) Revitalization
    2. 2) Policy
      • To implement the policy for dietitian teachers
      • To support the development of nutrition education program and materials
      • To suggest the KDA's opinion on the government's meal service policy
      • To improve work conditions for school dietitians
    3. 3) Events
      • To hold the seminar related to school meal service and nutrition education
    4. 4) Publication
      • To revise practical work guidelines for dietitian teachers
    5. 5) Research
  4. Public Health and Welfare Division
    1. 1) Revitalization
      • To support the club of dietitians in public health centers and the club of dietitians in welfare
        centers on the homepage
    2. 2) Policy
      • To deploy the regular dietitian in public health centers around the nation
      • To improve the labor conditions of the part-time dietitians in public health centers.
      • To support positioning dietitians and conducting nutrition projects in 16 public health centers
        designated as a hub of health promotion programs for the elderly
      • To revise the deployment standard of dietitians in nursery houses
      • To prepare for the plan to improve the service evaluation index of welfare facilities
      • To increase the percentage of community welfare centers hiring dietitians and to improve the
        working condition and welfare of dietitians working in the community welfare centers
      • To improve the service evaluation index of the community welfare facilities
      • To conduct nutrition management programs as a part of visiting health care programs
      • Korea Human Resource Development Institute for Health and Welfare :
        To support the operation of Dietitian Course for Welfare Facilities
    3. 3) Events
    4. 4) Research
      • To develop the guideline for nutrition management for welfare facilities
      • To revise the plan to improve the service evaluation index of welfare facilities
      • To increase the relation with organizations related to welfare facilities
  5. Contract Food Service Division
    1. 1) Revitalization
    2. 2) Policy
      • To collect local and overseas data and set the directions
  6. Health Counseling Division
    1. 1) Revitalization
      • To support the club of dietitians for health counseling on the homepage
    2. 2) Policy
      • To improve the laws and rules to strengthen the status of the dietitians for health counseling
      • PR of the role of health counseling dietitians
      • To submit opinions in accordance with the execution of the Law of Health and Functional Food
    3. 3) Events
    4. 4) Education
      • To develop the education and training program for dietitians specializing in health counseling


  1. Management and Settlement of Credentialing Systems for Specialized Dietitians
    1. 1) Settlement of Credentialing Systems for Specialized Dietitians
      • To supplement related regulations
      • To standardize curriculum
      • To standardize qualification exam
      • To develop an instructor pool
      • To exchange the information regarding the continuing education programs with related fields
        and to establish the inter-approving system between
    2. 2) Management of Specialized Dietitians
  2. Development and Operation of Various Educational Programs
    1. 1) Development of Various Educational Programs
    2. 2) Development and operation of continuing education and training program required by law for
      dietitians working in institutional food service operations
    3. 3) To run the Academic Conference of Dietitians
    4. 4) To run the educational course for profession dietitians by each field
      • Clinic Nutrition Course
      • Meal Service Management Course
      • Educational Course for Dietitians in Industry and Health Center
    5. 5) To run the package educational course by theme
    6. 6) To develop and run maintenance education for professional dietitians
    7. 7) Development and operation of continuing education and training program for school
      nutrition teachers
    8. 8) To support education for affiliates
    9. 9) To run the partnership program with other organizations
    10. 10) To conduct survey and prepare for the plan to develop cyber educational courses.
  3. Strengthening Educational Service
    1. 1) To quickly deal with requests from students
    2. 2) To give various benefits to students
  4. Supporting the Whole Educational Environment
    1. 1) To improve the educational environment
    2. 2) To expand participation in various education programs
    3. 3) To examine the education status of local and overseas societies and study related
      research materials.


  1. Awarding the research prizes for the 16th Academic Conference
  2. Publishing work-related materials
    1. 1) Newsletter 'National Nutrition'(10 times), KDA Journal(quarterly)
    2. 2) Planning new publications
    3. 3) Revision of existing publications
  3. Publishing Nutrition Education Material for the People
  4. Publishing Practice Guidelines
  5. Maintain the status of the KDA Journal as listed in the Korea Research Foundation
    and KoreaMed
  6. Protecting Copyright with Korea reprographic transmission rights center


  1. Securing Financial Stability
    1. 1) To hold the 14th Food Equipment Exhibition in the 2007 National Academic Conference
      of Dietitians
    2. 2) To secure sponsorship funds for the workshop by the Hospital Division
    3. 3) To coordinate sponsors for the newsletter and homepage
    4. 4) To conduct joint-business with other public and private organizations
  2. Conducting Government-supported Projects
    1. 1) National Health Plan Funds of the Ministry of Health and Welfare
    2. 2) Ministry of Environment's Project to Reduce Food Waste
    3. 3) Project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
    4. 4) Project of Dairy Funds
  3. Supporting Nutrition Education Projects for the People
    1. 1) To support the events for nutrition education by KDA affiliates
      (providing education source and materials)
  4. Providing Information
  5. Managing Sponsors


  1. PR to the People
    1. 1) Publicizing KDA activities through media
      • PR of the role and activity of dietitian
    2. 2) Publicizing R KDA activities through the homepage
  2. PR to Dietitians
    1. 1) PR of the policy and issues related to dietitians
      • PR of the KDA policy
      • To introduce events of relevant societies and organizations and provide details
  3. Operation and Vitalization of KDA Homepage

International Exchange Activity

  1. Overseas Dietetic Associations
    1. 1) To exchange information and letters
  2. AFDA Activity
  3. ICDA Activity
    1. 1) To exchange various information and letters

Supporting National Exam for Dietitian's License

  1. To run the Korean Council for Dietitian's Education
  2. To support the National Health Personnel Licensing Examination Board
  3. To analyze statistics regarding the applicants for national exam for dietitian's license,
    where these applicants studied, and the successful candidates.

KDA Center Building Project

  1. Fund Raising Activities for the Building for the KDA Headquarter.
    1. 1) To do business to sell profitable products