Major Activities

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Promotion of the Dietitian's Rights and Interests

  • To conduct research to improve the system and laws for dietitians and suggest the policy
    related to dietitians
  • To promote public relation to improve recognition of dietitians.
  • To develop new roles and expand the job opportunity for the dietitians
  • To investigate the current status of dietitians.

Enhancement of the Dietitian's Professional Competency

  • To develop and implement professional training programs for short and long terms.
  • To hold various academic events and policy-related seminars
  • To publish and distribute the KDA newsletter "Nutrition and Dietetics" and "KDA Journal."
  • To develop and distribute practical training and educational materials for dietitians.
  • To introduce a specialty system in the dietetic profession.
  • To strengthen the qualification and national examination system for improvement in licensure
    of the dietitian.

Promotion of National Health

  • To suggest issues on national food and nutrition policy and support relevant research activities
  • To hold the educational events for national health and develop public health nutrition programs.
  • To provide people with information on food nutrition

Creation of Desirable Dietary Culture for Koreans

  • To hold a campaign to promote the use of domestic agricultural and livestock products
  • To hold a campaign to reduce food wastage
  • To hold public educational events to promote desirable eating habits.
  • To monitor various media to assure proper information on food and nutrition for the public


  • To perform various government projects related to healthy eating and life style
  • To exchange information with domestic as well as international organizations
  • To implement the project to build the KDA center.