Welcome to the Korean Dietetic Association (KDA).
I wish your health and good luck for this year.
I would like to express my gratitude to you for electing me as the
22th chairman of KDA..
It is an honor to serve KDA, and at the same time I feel very responsible
considering that the role of dietitians to improve people's health is
increasingly becoming important these days.

With the trust and confidence in members who elected me, I will put my whole passion in improving public health in close cooperation with the 20th executive members of KDA for the next two years.
I will also do my best to improve the rights and interests of 116,000 dietitians in Korea.
KDA has consistently carried out the activities for dietitians and people, and it will continue to
exert an effort to develop the public health and medical system in Korea.

For the past 50 years, Korea has experienced drastic change and economic growth.
However, the western-style eating habits have spread along with the splendid economic achievement, thus increasing chronic degenerative diseases.
Such problems even affect young children. From a long-term perspective,
it can be great loss to the national economy.
The change in people's eating habits demands more roles to dietitians.
Therefore, we, dietetics professionals, should do continuous research and self-development
to keep pace with the rapid changes in people's diet.

I hope this homepage will serve as a useful venue where dietetics professionals can share
different experiences and the vivid knowledge and information gained through the practice.
In addition, I hope this site will play a role to make the people aware of the importance of eating
habits, and to publicize the role of dietitians.
KDA promises that this homepage will be updated as quickly possible, and will address questions
and problems you raise.

You are always wecome to make comments and suggestions on how this site can be improved.

Thank you for visiting the KDA homepage once again.
Good luck and happiness to all of you!